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Dynamic Power Management

The IAVO power management group builds optimization systems for fuel resource management and provides methods for modeling predictive energy requirements within closed systems. The IAVO technologies have particular applicability to the emerging "smart grid" systems currently under development by both government and industry.


Dynamic Power Management

IAVO is developing solutions that will control the production and allocation of energy aboard ships. This technology was formulated to address several critical shortcomings of current methods:

  • The use of probabilistic Markov models to estimate future energy demands to find optimal strategies for real-time energy allocation
  • Developing a trade-space between energy cost and quality of service (QOS) to efficiently maintain performance of critical systems;
  • Incorporating support for distributed systems to ensure survivability and reliability of power supply to critical infrastructure in the event of catastrophic losses;
  • Developing an intelligent processing method which marries the benefits of computationally intensive mathematical solutions with real time solutions; and
  • Reducing life cycle costs through an interoperable open architecture that can be easily installed across multiple ship platforms and can readily incorporate energy demands for new devices.

The long-term impacts of our research establishes a method to reduce fuel costs while maintaining quality of service standards. Our solutions introduce several innovative technological concepts producing numerous long-term benefits:

  • Long Term Applicability – In the coming decades, ships will experience significant changes as new technology is deployed. As new devices are added to the existing system, the power control model allows for adaptation of the network graph and energy allocation strategies to account for these devices without requiring extensive overhauls to the system.
  • Fuel Efficiency & Quality of Service – The use of probabilistic Markov models aid in estimating future energy demands to develop optimal allocation strategies. Predicting the dynamics of an integrated system ensure that situation-critical devices are funded with limited interruption in QOS. As a unified control system, we generate solutions yielding the highest overall fuel efficiency and quality of service.
  • Advanced Processing Methods – The intelligent processing methods – including the pre-processor and batch processing for overall optimization strategies – combines the benefits of computationally intensive mathematical solutions with real-time applicability.
  • Survivability – Dynamic programming methods and adaptive grid structure built into the software are ideal methods to handle near instantaneous reconfiguration of power resources in response to catastrophic power loss. The adaptive grid allows for real-time allocation strategies to situation critical devices – designated by a ship's operating environment.
  • Cost Effective –  Each of the above benefits of IAVO’s system to NGIPS are either directly or indirectly related to cost savings. The two indirect cost savings benefits are Long-term applicability and advanced processing methods. Long-term use of our software reduces life cycle and training costs whereas advanced processing methods will give the users real-time applicability without the need of cost prohibitive computer hardware.

For more information on power management, please use our contacts page or call 919-433-2400.

NEWS: IApioneer™ 3.0 Released

IAVO Research and Scientific announces the release of its fully integrated geo-software suite.

Visit the IApioneer™ website for more information and to download a free copy.

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