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We are IAVO Research and Scientific

During our 25+ years, we have methodically assembled a world-class team of experts in the domains of geospatial, behavioral, and diversified (fusion and power management) sciences. IAVO’s ever-increasing client base has steadily grown in accordance with these successful efforts, and today, we have a core customer base comprising more than 100+ satisfied clients. These clients include the US Department of Defense and other federal agencies, local and regional governments, and commercial clients. 

Currently, we offer a dynamic cadre of core capabilities, pushing the envelopes of innovation. 

IAVO is driven by the dual understandings of customer requirements and corporate opportunity; and we purposefully strive to balance solutions that represent low-risk paths for clients woven by innovation and advancement.   

IAVO Profile 

IAVO was founded in 1995, in Falls Church, VA, by senior scientists and investors originally associated with Autometric, Inc. In 1997, the company moved to Durham, NC and registered as "IAVO Research and Scientific".

We offer a unique blend of technical and business knowledge. We serve as a sciences and software development firm, originally focusing two primary domain thrusts:

Advanced geospatial science, remote sensing and image processing, photogrammetry, computer vision, data fusion, and advanced visualization

Complex quantitative sciences such as behavioral modeling, advanced analytics, quantitative sociology, and linear structures 

Our successes provided expansion opportunities into additional domains:

Fusion sciences, primarily those aligned with data mining and unstructured data 

Dynamic power control for strategic energy management solutions

Our expertise covers a range of proven and emerging technologies in both theoretical and applied sciences for government, private industry, and academia.