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Systems Development

Our software and systems development portfolio parallels our services and research segments. Efforts include fully fielded systems, specialized use case solutions, and prototypes.

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Systems: Geosciences, Imagery, and 3D Modeling

Our systems developmental imagery software is largely based on our GeoSPHERICâ„¢ common code foundation. Specializations include: imagery structure, data preparation tools, modeling and validation, and data management systems. 

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Systems: Energy Management

Our experience with energy management includes closed-network systems, power control and allocation, and emergency response. Other work includes fault management and remaining useful life assessment.

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Systems: Behavioral Modeling and Analysis

Our behavioral sciences software is focused on prototype and experimental development aligned with specific use cases. The themes represent the following focus areas: Behavioral and Decision Modeling, Social Network Analysis, and Geospatial Analysis of Human Phenomena.

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Systems: Fusion Sciences

Our work in fusion focuses on semi-automated asset (e.g., aircraft, public safety, etc.) allocation decision making for route allocation.

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