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The primary project for the IAVO fusion sciences segment is  DA2Cortex™ – an advanced, semi-automated asset (e.g., aircraft, public safety, etc.) allocation toolkit that utilizes intelligent methods of integer program generation and solutions to perform mission effectiveness maximization calculations. DA2Cortex also incorporates pools of resources, tasks, and allows for the inclusion of up-to-date mission context information to re-allocate tasks as needed in real time. 

DA2Cortex™  calculates optimized task assignment strategies within the constraints of time, space, and changing requirements - and performs optimization based on a variety of task, resource, and mission parameters such as: 

Task priority, number of required resources, location, and scheduling.
Resource location, flight dynamics, fuel capacity, and task performance effectiveness, etc. 
User-designated mission plan alteration and total traveled distance parameters. 
Contextual weather and no-fly-zone information. 
Resource coordination for escorted flight and refueling. 

User Profile: Homeland security programs (e.g., police, fire, etc.), mission planners (DoD), and commercial clients (highway freight haulers, distribution, and storage). 


Systems Development: Fusion Sciences