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Technical Services: Behavioral Modeling and Analysis

Our behavioral modeling efforts offer unique capabilities for highly specialized complex use cases. These include abilities to model human/sociological phenomena and provide prediction criteria to the accompanying output. Applications for these services include crime analysis, purchasing prediction, voting trends, performance assessment, and many others.

This combines expertise in physical and cultural geography, sociology, psychology, advanced math, and statistics. Using multi-disciplinary approaches, our researchers have proven track records in solving complex problems. The methodologies and software created by our team are indeed innovative, offering cutting-edge technologies that truly satisfy our customers’ composite modeling needs. 

Leading Edge Applications Development 

We have proven expertise in the following quantitative development focus areas, with each broad theme representing developmental categories: 

Behavioral and Decision Modeling 

Social Network Analysis 

Geospatial Analysis of Human Phenomena

Advanced Behavioral Modeling Services 

We use both internally developed and established software tools to generate quantitative results as per client requirements. Our experience reflects the specialized nature of the subject matter to include:   

Spatial and non-spatial applied quantitative methods

Mixture modeling

Structural/casual modeling

Quantitative sociology

Latent variable modeling

Predictive trajectory modeling

Discrete time methods for the analysis of event histories

Multi-group structural equations modeling  

Discrete time hazard modeling

Hidden Markov processess

Hidden pattern detection

Decision modeling

Social network analysis

Casual chain identification and disruptive planning