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Technical Services: Power Analytics and Energy Management

Our power management work involves optimization systems for fuel resource management and methods for modeling predictive energy requirements within closed systems. The IAVO technologies have particular applicability to the emerging "smart grid" systems currently under development by both government and industry. 

Our technology was formulated to address several critical innovations:  

The use of probabilistic Markov models to estimate future energy demands to find optimal strategies for real-time energy allocation 

Developing a trade-space between energy cost and quality of service (QOS) to efficiently maintain performance of critical systems

Incorporating support for distributed systems to ensure survivability and reliability of power supply to critical infrastructure in the event of catastrophic losses

Developing an intelligent processing method which marries the benefits of computationally intensive mathematical solutions with real time solutions

Reducing life cycle costs through an interoperable open architecture that can be easily installed across multiple ship platforms and can readily incorporate energy demands for new devices

Our focus on energy analytics, signal processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning also lead to the creation of a corporate spin-off. Named MHI Energy Information Solutions, Inc.” (MHI), the company develops and implements decision support systems for strategic energy management - integrating primary R&D, legacy systems, and emerging technologies. We assess “What is?” to answer “What if?” focusing on:

Simulation software (e.g., building energy modeling and demand forecasting)

Distributed energy design

Integrated power control and management

Power generation and storage technologies

System reliability (e.g., signal processing and analysis) and financial modeling.

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