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Technical Services: Imagery and 3D Modeling

Our imagery services group responds to the ever-increasing client interests in "geodata". This includes the US Government (e.g., military, transportation, interior, commerce, justice, etc.), local and state governments, developers, and many commercial entities.

Two major trends in have really encouraged this. One is the acceptance and availability of high-resolution imagery (from both spaceborne and airborne government and commercial based platforms).  The other is the explosion of geographic information systems (GIS) and other geospatial data use products/programs. 

Our imagery services group offers a blend of capabilities ranging from applications development to an array of production support specializations. All imagery services are powered by our geo-related software products GeoGenesis®, IApioneer™, OmniDEM®, and FeatureXTract™.  

Leading Edge Applications Development 

We have proven expertise in the following imagery focus areas, having either completed relevant projects or working with ongoing efforts:

Spatial and geospatial 

Spectral processing (multi-spectral and hyperspectral) 

Image reduction and enhancement 

Computer vision

Advanced two-dimensional / three-dimensional visualization and modeling

Digital elevation model management

Pattern recognition

Mensuration and classification


Modeling and simulation

Feature extraction 

Advanced Production Services 

We also have a full-service imagery and geodata production facility capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements:  

Digital orthophoto production 

Digital elevation model generation 

Digital planimetric extraction 

Impervious surface extraction 

Three-dimensional site modeling for urban development 

LIDAR processing for bare earth elevation extraction and 3D building extraction 

Content generation for digital terrain databases

Watershed extraction 

Three-dimensional feature extraction including planimetrics and building site models