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Welcome to IAVO Research and Scientific

We are a professional services company focusing on geo, behavioral, and diversified sciences. In these domains we offer software development and sales, production services, and specialized research and development.

“Know the Earth – measure the way™"


We are IAVO Research and Scientific

During the past decade, we have methodically assembled a world-class team of experts in the corporate domains of geo, behavioral, and diversified (fusion and power management) sciences. Our ever-increasing client base has grown in accordance with these efforts, and today, we have a core customer list comprised of more than 100+ satisfied clients. These listings range from US Department of Defense and others at the Federal level to local and regional governments, mostly in the Eastern and Midwestern US.

Currently, we offer a dynamic cadre of core capabilities, many of which truly push the envelope of existing solutions.

We are driven by the dual complement of customer requirements and corporate opportunity. Together, these merge to form the basis of our corporate philosophy, founded in the Jeffersonian belief that: "what is practicable must often control what is pure theory”.

As a result, we purposefully strive to balance solutions that represent low-risk paths for clients while simultaneously minimizing the distractions inherent in purely academic pursuits. This also reflects our strategic belief, core to our success: we have to be in position, to be in position.

Please visit the accompanying webpages herein, and consider our IAVO Research and Scientific for your existing and future program needs.


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NEWS: IApioneer™ 3.0 Released

IAVO Research and Scientific announces the release of its fully integrated geo-software suite.

Visit the IApioneer™ website for more information and to download a free copy.

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